Pitched Roofing

30 Years Experience

Years of experience in the roofing industry. 25 year warranties for workmanship and materials. £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.

5 Star Feedback

Our roofing company strives for customer satisfaction and 5 star reviews for all domestic, commercial and industrial projects.

Fully Qualified Roofers

Our roofers are fully accredited and approved with Bauder, SMAS, Constructionline Gold Membership, CSCS, CITB, NFRC.

Pitched Roofing Exeter & Devon

Bespoke Packages For Private & Commercial Pitched Roof Developments

Here at SPS Roofing Ltd, we offer a wide choice of services for pitched roofing Exeter, Devon and South West England. This covers all services including the construction and installation of pitched roofs private homeowners and commercial developments (e.g. house builders, developers, new builds, etc).

With over 30 years of experience serving local areas in Devon we have undertaken hundreds of pitched roofing projects with varied specifications. To give our customers complete peace of mind we offer a 25 year manufacturer backed warranty (on specific products) and our very own workmanship guarantee. In addition our roofing company holds accreditations and with Bauder, SMAS, Constructionline (Gold), CSCS, CITB and NFRC.

If you require pitched roofing in Exeter, Devon or across South West England then please feel more than welcome to contact our team by scheduling a callback or ringing us directly for a free quote and consultation.

Pitched Roofing Exeter & Devon - SPS Roofing Ltd

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Our Pitched Roofing Services

Residential Pitched Tiled & Slate Roofing

Our team of roofing contractors only recommend the use of high quality slates and tiles due to the benefits they hold. For example, the pitched roof having a breathable underlay to reduce condensation or damp forming. This will lead to lower maintenance or repair costs in the future saving our customers money. The use of slate has been apparent for hundreds of years largely due to its prolonged life expectancy between 50 to 100 years (varies depending on external weathering). We will be able to help you decide on the best type of slate for your property aesthetically but also keeping with budget. If you prefer a tiled finish there are many options such as clay, concrete, etc. If you would like any help choosing the best slates or tiles for your pitched roof then please get in touch for a free quote and consultation today.

Commercial Pitched Roof Developments

Here at SPS Roofing we have undertaken various pitched roofing tenders for medium to large scale housing/building developments throughout South West England. We are able to cater for any type and size of tender. Please feel welcome to contact our team if you would like our help to price and carry out any upcoming pitched roofing works.

Re-Roofing & Pitched Roof Replacement

A roof is often overlooked but is one of the key components to having a structurally sound property. Alongside of this it can also be a great aesthetically pleasing add-on when trying to sell or improve the appearance of a home or commercial building. During a pitched roofs lifespan its exposed to harsh weather, fluctuating temperatures and other degrading elements which can cause internal problems, such as damp leaks. Our team at SPS Roofing Ltd provide a comprehensive re-roofing service that will completely transform your roof and overall building health. In some cases the underlying structure of the pitched roof may be inadequate and a roof replacement may be the best course of action in this case. Either way we are happy to help and can provide free quotes and consultation for any re-roofing works.

Exterior Cladding Systems

Installing gutters, fascias, soffits and cladding can improve the look of any property when done so correctly. Fascias are the long boards on the underside of a roof, soffits offer protection against condensation build up by increasing airflow capacity which prevents mould and damp and cladding is a material that can be added over any existing surface, mainly brick or stone. There are lots of cladding options available and it can significantly improve the appearance of either domestic homes or commercial buildings. The main component of an effective roofline system is a guttering system which efficiently transports water away from your property. Speak with our team if you would like to explore the various options available on todays market.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Pitched Roofs?

  • Full 25 year manufacturers warranty available to our customers. Please note that this only extends for certain products and materials.
  • Full workmanship guarantee on all roofing works undertaken by SPS Roofing Ltd contractors to give customers ultimate peace of mind and to backup our mission of becoming one of the leading roofing companies in Exeter and Devon.
  • Improve the aesthetics and appearance of your property which can increase market value. 
  • Perfect for new builds, extensions and refurbishment projects.
  • Very long lasting, durable, weather resistant and protects against structural decay.
  • Can be tailored to almost any type, size and budget.
  • Wide choice of materials and colours that can match the style of any domestic home or commercial building.

How Much Does Pitched Roofing Cost?

Determining the price of constructing a new pitched roof or any roofing services is incredibly difficult without undertaking a full inspection and talking through customer requirements.

Our process begins with an inspection of the roof itself to check the structural soundness. From here we will be able to unearth potential problems or constraints that need to be fixed before the construction of your new roof. A new roof can be a significant investment for most customers so we will run through your preferences and budget in order for us to recommend the best materials (e.g. slates or tiles).

For example, if a customer is on a limited budget then our recommendations would be different to those who have the opportunity to spend more. We are happy to tweak and tailor our approach to fit with each individual customer – all projects are welcomed.

Contact us directly if you would like to arrange a date and time for us to talk through your project. This will enable us to give you a rough ballpark figure to work with whilst planning and budgeting. We have helped hundreds of customers with pitched roofing Exeter, Devon and across South West England.

Recent Pitched Roofing Projects

Pitched Roofing Exeter and Devon - SPS Roofing Ltd
Pitched Roofing Exeter and Devon - SPS Roofing Ltd
Pitched Roofing Exeter - Pitched Roofing Devon - SPS Roofing Ltd

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