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Green Roofs Exeter & Devon

SPS Roofing Ltd provide eco friendly green roofs Exeter, Devon and across South West England for both domestic and commercial buildings. Our team of roofers have over 30 years experience in the industry and hold all the training, qualifications and certifications (e.g. Bauder, SMAS, Constructionline Gold, CSCS, CITB and NFRC) to work on all eco green roofing projects and transform your property.

Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom due to aesthetic and environmental benefits created pre and post installation, such as reducing the carbon footprint and improving energy performance ratings. They are suitable for almost any type of new build and refurbishment projects and adapted to your preferences, such as installing patios and pathways to provide an additional living space.

Green roofs are suitable for most types of new builds or refurbishment projects and can easily be adapted to suit the requirements, size and type of roof. The pitch of the roof and load bearing capacity of the structural deck will determine the type of green roofing system that is most suitable for your property.

We understand that trying to choose what type of green roof to use can be a tricky task, so please do feel more than welcome to contact our Exeter team in Devon should you wish to discuss what would work best for you. We have listed the benefits and vegetation types below incase you want to read more.

Green Roofs Exeter - Green Roofs Devon - SPS Roofing Ltd

Want To Transform Your Property With A Green Roof?

Green Roofing Features

Vegetation Blankets

Green roof vegetation blankets offer an instant carpet of plant coverage that is extremely lightweight and include a mixture of plant species to enhance the diversity in foliage and flowering. The pre-cultivated plants are grown onto a geo-textile carrier fleece with UV resistant nylon to give a supporting foundation to encourage growth, and thus stability to vegetation.

Plug Plants

This option in planting delivers an increased variety of vegetation which can be pre-selected to blend in with the property location, rooftop conditions for growth, colour scheme or the ‘green’ action plan specified. Young individual plants or ‘plug plants’ are planted by hand into the substrate to grow over the next couple of growing seasons, offering a good level of coverage.

Seed Mixes

This is typically a hand or machine selection of seed mix that is applied to the substrate finish for a more natural growth pattern throughout future growing seasons. It mainly uses herbaceous species to provide a combination of floral colour blooming at various times throughout the year. It works great for singular planting schemes or combined with plug plants.

Maintenance Requirements

all green roof vegetation products require a certain level of maintenance to help the plants establish into their new surroundings, keeping them healthy and strong for changing seasons. After installation the green roofing system will just need the typical ‘flower’ or ‘garden’ maintenance one can expect from encouraging health vegetation growth.

What Are The Benefits Of Green Roofs?

  • Low maintenance and very lightweight which is wind and frost resistant.
  • SUD’s benefits in the improved management of rainfall.
  • Improves the buildings thermal and acoustic performance.
  • Helps to reduce your carbon footprint whilst being aesthetically pleasing.
  • Protects the building and roof against harmful UV rays and temperature changes.
  • Reduction in the ‘heat island’ effect particularly in built-up urban areas.
  • Additional habitat for wildlife with visible attractive flowers and foliage.
  • Improved fire protection which helps protects your property.
  • Can be a great additional living space including patios, paths and walkways.

How Much Does A Green Roof Cost?

The prices of green roofs vary drastically depending on the size of roof and type of vegetation blankets, plug plants and seed mixes chosen. In addition, some customers of ours have required the construction of patios and pathways onto the green roof itself acting as an additional living space.

This of course changes the estimated cost of constructing a green roofing system or any other roofing services quite difficult to give you an online quote. Instead please feel more than welcome to contact us directly if you would like to discuss the options available to you for installing green roofs Exeter, Devon and South West England.

For more information regarding our recommend green roof supplier, please visit our Bauder Approved Contractors page.

Recent Green Roofing Projects

Green Roofs Exeter - Green Roofs Devon - SPS Roofing Ltd
Green Roofs Exeter - Green Roofs Devon - SPS Roofing Ltd
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