Zinc Roofing: Advantages and Considerations

The choice of roofing material is one of the most important stages in the construction and design of buildings, which requires taking into account various factors: both rational and emotional. According to Building Closure Online, zinc roofing has been a popular choice of roofing metal for over two centuries. This is ideal for those looking for a long term roofing solution. This article explores the advantages and key considerations to bear in mind when installing zinc roofing.

Zinc Roofing Exeter - Zinc Roofing Devon - SPS Roofing Ltd
Zinc Roofing Exeter – Zinc Roofing Devon – SPS Roofing Ltd

Advantages of Zinc Roofing 

1. Durable 

Homeowners pay attention primarily to two aspects – the “appearance” of the material i.e. aesthetics and its durability. If you are wondering how long zinc roofing lasts, it is important to note that it is the first choice of many people because of its versatility and durability in addition to its impressive service life. 

Moreover, it also allows you to easily repair places where cracks have accidentally formed because it has some similarity to copper in its properties.

2. Light Weight

The most important advantage of zinc roofing is that it’s lightweight. This guarantees complete protection against leakage. In comparison to natural materials such as wood, zinc looks equally presentable with a great finish.

3. Easy to Install

Zinc roofing material can be installed on roofs with a slope of 5 to 90 degrees. Such material allows a free choice of building solutions. Zinc roofing can be used on the most complex structures where other roofing materials cannot be used. It is used for roofing in construction for various purposes and varying complexity since such a roof naturally fits into any architectural solution. 

4. No Special Maintenance Required for Zinc Roofing

Our zinc roofing solutions are practical and do not require special maintenance. Such a roof’s service life is very long and is even comparable to the service life of the building itself. Moreover, the cost of zinc roofs is cheaper than most other similar metals and materials. 

5. Attractive

The appearance of a zinc roof is beautiful and attracts everyone’s eyes. Due to its ductility, it can easily take any desired shape. This feature makes zinc an indispensable material for producing non-standard parts of a building, such as mezzanines, domes and other bulk structures. It would be impossible to make such elements using a plain galvanised steel roofing system.

6. Resists Environmental Influences

Over time, a patina appears on the material’s surface, which acts as a protective layer of the roofing material. Depending on the degree of pollution of the environment and the climate’s characteristics, a grey patina is formed in the period from six months to two years. 

Patina is formed from two layers. The first thin layer consists of dense crystals of zinc carbonate. It is designed to protect the metal from oxidation by slowing down its interaction with oxygen. Another layer, consisting of zinc hydroxide, is less dense, but it also protects the roofing material from precipitation. In this way, zinc naturally resists environmental influences.

Installing Zinc Roofing: Key Considerations To Bear In Mind

You need to take into account a number of features:

  • The material is very susceptible to low temperatures. Therefore all work with it should be carried out only at temperatures above zero Celsius. 
  • Roofs made of zinc must not be installed on wood structures that have been treated with antiseptics.
  • It is strictly prohibited by some local regulatory authorities to be scratched or thrown. Therefore extreme care should be taken during installation. 

Get a Professional Zinc Roofing Contractor

Though zinc has been used to cover many roofs of all types of domestic, commercial and industrial properties, you must take into consideration certain factors that would require you customised to your requirements. As such, it would be best for you to consult a professional zinc roofing contractor to help you with the project. Do get in touch with us for more information or if you are interested in working with us with an upcoming zinc roofing project.

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