Roofing Repairs: 5 Preventative Measures You Can Use Today

In one of our previous blog article, we identified how extreme weather conditions could have a serious impact on your roofing. In this article, we will be looking at how we can take preventative measures against such weather conditions, how to maintain a roof and measures you can take to prevent roofing repairs.

Flat roof refurbishment for a residential customer in Exeter, Devon
Flat roof refurbishment by SPS Roofing Ltd for a residential customer in Exeter, Devon

Methods to Prevent Roofing Repairs

The following are some measures you would to consider to ensure the longevity of your roofs: 

Remove Snow From Roofs

Snow removal is required for every property that has any type of roof. Accumulations of snow masses on flat roofs are especially dangerous. If a high-quality drain is not placed on them, there are higher chances for it to quickly collapse under the influence of moisture.

Most of the snow and ice accumulates in the gutters and the break zones of multi-pitched roofs. Frost in the gutters blocks their work to drain the liquid. As a result, the pressure on the roof rafter system increases, materials deteriorate, and streaks form in the interior. You can use a tool that will not damage the roof. A wrong tool can be a cause of damage that requires roofing repairs carried out by professionals.

Cleaning The Roof From Debris

Even a little bit of debris can do a lot of damage. So it is recommended to clean the roof from debris because it helps in preventing roofing leaks or damaging the roof or interior of the home.

You need to climb onto the roof. This should be done in special shoes that do not slip. Debris in the form of fallen leaves and branches can be removed with a garden vacuum cleaner. You can also use a regular broom or a soft broom. Other damage can be noticed during the cleaning process. For example, the head of a nail damaged the surface of the roof or broke off, the edge of the tile was bent.

Minor Roofing Repairs

Leaving minor repairs can cause serious damage. To fix all the areas noticed, it is better to put beacons at the damaged site. You can use plasticine with a toothpick as such beacons. Damaged areas can be repaired with mastic or sealant. 

If the edge of the tile breaks off, you can completely replace the sheet using the reserves that remained after installation. If the damaged nail has torn the edge of the soft roof, a new nail must be prepared. Lubricate the gap with mastic and nail in a new nail. It is better to put the cut-out square of soft tiles under the head so that the head does not break through the surface of the tile again.

Roof Washing

After the debris has been swept away and minor repairs have been completed, the roof can be washed. It is clear that pressure washers cannot be used for this kind of work. The roof will be damaged!  Better to use pressureless washers. That is, a regular hose with a spray gun is fine here. You can also use detergents for washing; don’t use those that contain bleach. Otherwise, the paint on the roof surface will tarnish. It is better to check in advance with the specialists who installed the roof which detergents can be used to clean it.

The roof should be cleaned and washed regularly. It is better to do this twice a year, in spring and autumn. You need to clean not only the roof but also drainage systems, valleys. Firstly, when cleaning, you can immediately notice any damage and swelling on the surface. Secondly, a well-groomed roof looks beautiful and updated from a distance.

Prevention Of Moss And Fungus

Another problem that occurs on the roof is moss overgrowth on the tiles. Due to the high humidity, moss and lichen cover can simply multiply on the roof surface with a fungal disease. This rarely happens with a metal roof, but it is quite possible for a tiled or slate roof. Therefore, it is better to regularly clean the roof in order to eliminate such a disease in advance. When cleaning such a roof, you can use soft brushes or wipe the surface with a cloth under running water.

Managing Roofing Repairs

Maintenance work can extend the roof’s life and saves the cost of roofing repairs. But most of the time, we need the help of professionals to do repair task because professional cleaning and repair allow you to quickly and safely solve all problems without further damage. The procedure should be carried out regularly during periods of heavy snowfall and heavy rainfall. If you have a busy schedule, it may be worth exploring the option of hiring our roofers to carry out your routine repairs. Do get in touch with us for a more in depth quotation and custom solution.

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