Everything You Need To Know About Aluminium Roofs

In this article, we will discuss aluminium roofs, its use cases and considerations prior to installing them. When choosing a metal roof, there are several options to consider and due to this it can be quite difficult to decide what works best for your property.

In one of our previous articles, we looked at zinc metal roofing and explored the various benefits and drawbacks of it so hopefully this article will give you a better idea of understanding whether or not an aluminium roof is right for you.

everything you need to know about aluminium roofs
Aluminium Roof installed by our contractors here at SPS Roofing

Is Aluminium good for roofing?

In general, roofing is one of the most demanding applications for any material. It needs to have the strength to endure the effects of all kinds of weather conditions such as sunlight (UV), rain, hail, snow and wind. Above all it needs to be lightweight and provide structural resistance too.

One of the roofing metals that fits the above description closely is aluminium. It’s durable, lightweight, energy efficient and allows flexibility making it aesthetically pleasing too.

Aluminium is unique compared to the other metal roofing materials given its high strength to weight ratio. It’s approximately one-third the weight of steel making it lightweight yet providing the strength needed to withstand the outside conditions.

How long do aluminium roofs last?

In general, metal roofs are built to last much longer than non-metal roofs. Given that roofing is one of the most significant investments to your home, it is important that you choose a metal that can last a long time. 

Aluminium will never rust and is therefore more popular in coastal homes that experience large amounts of moisture and salty spray. It’s propensity to resist rust gives it an extremely long life span. This is a definite must for homeowners to consider.

The aluminium shingles are generally interlocked on all sides to make them sturdy and strong providing protection against harsher weather conditions.

What are the benefits of an aluminium roofs?

There are plenty of benefits in opting for aluminium roofing. These hold true compared to most other metal roofing materials such as zinc, copper and steel. Some of these benefits include:

  • Long lasting: With proper maintenance, aluminium sheets can last as long as 50 years.
  • Great aesthetics: Given that they are flexible, there many beautiful styles to choose from that can match different architecture styles.
  • Resistance: Compared to non-metallic roofing options, aluminium roofing is more resistant to wind and fire.
  • Energy efficient: This metal works greatly to keep the building cool despite hot temperature outside. During summer, aluminium roofs can retain more sun rays, compared to other roofing systems thereby reducing your heating bill.
  • Recyclable: These metals are highly recyclable and generally contain a large percentage of recycled material too, making a great eco-friendly solution.


As we have identified above, roofing can take up a large portion of your house building budget and it is therefore critical that you choose the right type of metal roof. This article specifically looked into aluminium roofing and why it could be a great option for your own property.

It is also equally important at this stage that the roofing contractor you choose is qualified to install the aluminium roof to your specifications. Our CHAS & SMAS certified roofers at SPS Roofing can help you decide on the best solution as we have expertise in installing aluminium roofs.

View our aluminium roofing services here to find out what we offer or please feel more than welcome to contact our office for a free quote and consultation today.

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