Benefits of Green Roofs: 6 Reasons Why a Green Roof Is a Great Choice for Your Home

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to replace your existing roof, you might want to consider installing a green roof. There are many ecological advantages attached to it and this article hopes to explore green roof benefits and why you should have one fixed in your home.

Green roofs – also sometimes referred to as eco roofs or vegetated roofs – includes a waterproof membrane placed on soil on which vegetation is overlaid on a traditional roofing surface.

Through natural cooling, air filtration and water-treatment, green roofs are generally designed to help mitigate the problems most cities face especially with air pollution. A well designed green roof can bring tremendous benefits, both to your home (internal environment) and also the wider society (external environment).

According to Green Roof Technology, there are broadly two types of green roof construction that you would need to be aware of, namely extensive green roofing and intensive green roofing. Comparatively, extensive green roofing is a simpler mechanism to installing a green roof and as such, is a much more affordable option.

It is more common in residential settings and is easier to set up than intensive green roofing. The latter is more suitable for larger complex structures such as apartments and commercial buildings. These are more sturdy and is usually able to accommodate a wide range of plants. Nevertheless, the overall benefits of green roofs are common to both types and depending on your requirements, SPS Roofing Ltd can help suit your needs and offer a range of green roofing services.

In summary, this article explores several green roof benefits. Let’s begin by exploring the following 6 benefits of green roofs:

  1. Green roofs are better insulators and helps improve air quality
  2. Lower energy costs due to insulation and natural cooling effect
  3. Green roofs are more durable than traditional roofs
  4. Green roofs help provide a natural habitat promoting biodiversity
  5. Sound pollution is mitigated to a certain extent
  6. Dramatically increases the property value

Let’s let look at each benefit in more detail and explore how we can potentially help take advantage of such benefits.

Green Roofing Benefits - SPS Roofing Ltd
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1. Green roofs are better insulators and helps improve air quality

Plants have been more popularly used in the urban environment to remove air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particulate matter and smog forming compounds. Depending on the type of plant grown in the green roof, there’s a high chance in a green roof’s effectiveness at improving air quality. Our expert green roofers in Exeter and Devon have a great in-depth knowledge on the type of plant that should be grown and the depth of the soil to be used in order to maximise its effectiveness and will be happy to help advise.

Since green roofs can also help reduce a building’s energy use, it can potentially reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by power plants. Whether extensive or intensive, green roofing is going to produce oxygen, filter the air, and remove pollutants from rain water. The vegetation installed on green roofs help strap dust and toxic particles thereby helping filter out smog. Other harmful materials such as nitrates are also absorbed by these plants thereby naturally improving local air quality in and around your home.

2. Lower energy costs due to insulation and natural cooling effect

Depending on the general climate, green roofs help reduce a building’s energy use. The natural cooling effect provided by the green roofs leads to reduced air conditioning needs and as such lower energy costs. This is especially true during summer where green roofs can act as an insulation layer which in turn reduces heat influx.

Depending on the green roofing design, the transfer of heat in buildings through the vegetation can dramatically help reduce summer air temperatures. Conversely during winter, the insulation effect provided by green roofs minimises heat loss comparatively more than the traditional roofs. This can therefore reduce the demand for heating during winter.

Though better insulation properties of green roofs can result in direct economic benefits, lower energy consumption has a related positive impact towards reducing the carbon footprint too. As such, you will be contributing positively towards leading an eco friendly lifestyle.

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3. Green roofs are more durable than traditional roofs

If a green roof is installed properly, they are likely to be more durable than the traditional roofs – typically more than double the lifetime of a traditional roof. Studies have shown that the average life expectancy of a green roof is approximately 40 years versus 17 years for a conventional roof.

A properly installed green roof will likely only need to be replaced if the membrane below has aged to the point where it needs repair. As such, upon installation, our roofers at SPS Roofing will ensure that we take extra measures in installing the membrane and that they are sourced from high quality suppliers such as Bauder.

Improved durability also suggests that there will be less need for replacements which can eventually provide a direct economic benefit. If the green roofs are installed properly, their lifetime can span across several years thereby requiring you to spend less on maintaining the green roof.

4. Green roofs help provide a natural habitat promoting biodiversity

Green roofs provide new habitat for beneficial plants and animals in urban areas, helping to increase biodiversity. If you are a fan of promoting sustainable living and eco friendly practices, then you should definitely consider switching to a green roof. Increased biodiversity can help natural ecosystems to function seamlessly and provide an appropriate environment for plants and insects to thrive.

Our green roofing specialists provide an extensive service to ensure that the herbs, grasses or host plants that are included in the a green roof promote the habitat of birds, insects, butterflies, especially in the city environment which is mainly concrete and asphalt.

5. Sound pollution is mitigated to a certain extent

Green roofs have the potential to reduce both low and high frequency sounds and high frequency sounds through its vegetation. A carefully designed green roof are better at absorbing sound than conventional and concrete roofs. When used on buildings without ceiling insulation, they can reduce the amount of noise transmitted inside the top floors of a building, particularly in areas with heavy air or automotive traffic.

6. Can help increase property value

The natural and sustainable appearance, combined with a reduction in energy costs and extension of the life span of your roof, means an increase in value of your property. Additionally, given the nature of a green roof and their aesthetic qualities, potential buyers would see it as an added benefit and would also give them the sense that the property is maintained in an eco friendly manner.

The additional amenities can also help homeowners demand a higher rent as end consumers are looking for more ways to support suppliers that promote sustainable living practices.

Green Roofing Benefits - SPS Roofing Ltd

Conclusion – How much does green roofing cost?

Considering all the benefits of green roofs mentioned above, you might be wondering how much does green roofing cost?

Installing a green roof to your home could be viewed as an investment that can potentially bring in returns in the form or increased rent or property value appreciation. Do get in touch with our green roofers who can provide a free quotation/estimate based on your specific requirements.

How do green roofs work? How long does a green roof last? How often does a green roof need to be replaced? What materials are used to install a green roof? We understand that you may have more questions on the aspect of green roofs. Our extremely responsive team of expert green roofers at SPS Roofing Ltd would be more than happy to answer all of them for you.

In summary, green roofing costs vary based on the type that you wish to go for. The costs provided below will hopefully provide you with some indication:

Green Flat Roof Sedum Blanket Price = £55 per m2 – £70 per m2

Substrate Green Flat Roof Price = £70 per m2 – £100 per m2

If you want a free customised green roof quotation for your next green roofing project please do feel welcome to get in touch with us. Our team can also give transparent advice and consultation included in our quotation session. We can also give further tips on other green roof benefits.

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