6 Reasons Why You Should Use Aluminium Cladding

In this article, we’re going to explore the reasons why you should use aluminium cladding and how it can help enhance the aesthetics of your property. A relatively new product on the market, aluminium cladding has increased in popularity thanks to its excellent durability and sustainability features.

We previously discussed the benefits of aluminium roofing. In this article, we expand on aluminium cladding as an option and how it can benefit you.

use aluminium cladding

Why use aluminium cladding?

Aluminium cladding is one of the most versatile products available to architects. From glittering gold to rusted steel, it has the ability to transform a building from the mundane to the extraordinary. With its excellent durability and sustainability credentials, it’s fast becoming a go-to product for architects.

Here are 6 reasons why you should choose aluminium cladding for your property:

1. Versatility and flexible designs

Aluminium has long been used in architectural applications of all kinds. It’s lightweight, durable, appealing, versatile, and it’s suited to an astonishing array of design possibilities. Aluminium cladding offers a range of uses, some architectural and some practical. Its aesthetic properties make it an outstanding choice for decorative panels on the front of buildings, while its corrosion resistance makes it a wonderful choice for mesh and other practical applications.

With its allure and versatility, aluminium is a must-have in modern design. If you’re wondering what aluminium cladding can do for your building, our team at SPS Roofing have got you covered.

The truth is that aluminium cladding is much more than silver panels. Aluminium panels are without question, an option. Even here though, the varieties are extensive. High quality billets of aluminium are extruded to create the panels, a process which allows us to create any profile, from flat, to corrugated, to a smooth wave.

2. Lightweight and durable

As seen above, aluminium is an extremely versatile material. It isn’t just beautiful; it’s practical too. Not only can you enjoy the benefits of its decorative finish, but it is also extremely robust, making it the perfect choice for adding an air of sophistication to your building.

The lightweight nature of aluminium makes it ideal for many types of building. The strength and durability of aluminium also means that it can be used in a variety of construction projects. It’s lightweight, which means it doesn’t place a significant load on the building’s supporting structure. It has the strength to support large overhanging styles of cladding, but it can weigh less than 2% of what steel would. This makes it ideal for residential projects where unwanted weight is an issue. 

Additionally, aluminium cladding is extremely durable, making it perfect for building high rise apartment complexes to last well into the future. As such, choosing this material can be cost-effective, flexible, and easy to install – ideal for commercial applications or homes where durability is a crucial factor.

3. Contributes towards sustainability

With correct installation, aluminium cladding can add insulation to any building. It’s a great way of making any structure more efficient and reliable.  There are a number of ways aluminium can be used to help insulate your home. It could be used to clad the outside for improved thermal performance, or to provide a thermal screen that would reduce air leakage through your windows and doors.

Given its thermal insulation properties, aluminium acts as a layer to protect the building from external weather conditions. It can help reduce energy costs, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

As such, the thermal performance of cladding and the inherent sustainability benefits make aluminium cladding a wise choice. This can in turn increase the value of your property significantly over time.

4. Safe and low maintenance

Aluminium cladding does not require any maintenance to keep it looking great , which translates into a cost and ecological advantage over the lifetime of the product. It also does not burn, and thus is classified as non-combustible under British standards.

This product combines durability, low maintenance costs, and high safety standards to create a construction product that is both highly resistant to the elements and fire-resistant.

As such, the non-combustible qualities of aluminium make it the logical choice for high-rise building. Aluminium cladding is eco-friendly and recyclable, allowing our builders to create products with lower emissions than other products.

5. Quick transformation of old and new buildings

Lightweight aluminium cladding can be used to give a new lease of life to old, tired buildings. Adding it can breathe new life into old, tired buildings. Its lightweight nature means that it can be added without having too much impact on the structure of the building. In addition, installing it is quick and easy.

Not only can it be used on new buildings, it can even be used to revitalize older buildings. As noted above, it’s very easy and quick to install, making it a highly practical choice for renovating existing structures. 

Additionally, because it is so cost-effective, it can also be installed on older buildings without breaking the bank.

6. Cost-effective

Having explored all of the reasons above, it can be understood that each of them contribute towards making aluminium cladding a wise choice. It provides immense benefits both in the medium and long term. Though the initial outlay may be higher, the potential benefits that you as a homeowner can realize are far greater and can definitely provide a positive return on your investment.

Looking to use aluminium cladding?

Here at SPS Roofing Ltd, we are aluminium cladding contractors with years of experience on many projects for our clients across the United Kingdom. In addition to other metal roofing projects, aluminium has been the popular choice given its long list of benefits.

If you’re interested in learning more about using aluminium cladding for your property, do get in touch with our team and one of our professional roofers will get back to you.

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